Early Voting


Earlier this week, Marisa and I cast our ballots at Sollers Point, one of the 9 early voting sites located in Baltimore County. As many of you know, early voting went into effect during the last presidential election cycle, in 2012. Fast forward four years later and our State is on pace to cast 800,000 ballots before November 8 – smashing the 2012 record significantly.

While this has been a difficult election season, mired in negativity, I firmly believe that one of our most important duties as citizens is to participate in the democratic process. I am proud that Maryland has created more opportunities for folks to be involved through early voting and on-site registration. I applaud the groups that organize voter registration drives and GOTV efforts, and appreciate the countless hours volunteers have spent on the phones and knocking doors to support their respective candidates and causes.

With one day left of early voting and Election Day around the corner, I hope you make a plan to get out and vote. I also hope you encourage a friend, spouse or family member to do so as well. And if you’re looking for information on early voting, or need to look up your polling location, please visit the Baltimore County Board of Elections HERE.

Thanks again for doing your part!